I'm faded.
Anonymous asked:
why were you gone for so long?

I’ve had family issues over the year but trying to work things out. :l

Anonymous asked:
Why were you gone so long, babe?

Long story. :/

matthewtehgreat asked:
Lol so I was just scrolling down my dash and wanted to say hi. Well when I messed you and went neck to my dash I scrolled down one post and there was my answer lol

It’s all good! ^.^ How’s your month been?

scars-and-sluts-deactivated2014 asked:
i think youre perfect :)

I think you’re absolutely stunning

Anonymous asked:
What's the biggest mistake you've made in a relationship? ~Yoly

Cheated when I was drunk:/

matthewtehgreat asked:

What up dawg?

Anonymous asked:
Your cuteeeeee

Thanks boo ;*

bloodforearth asked:
ur not a hipster get over yourself

I am now (;

lexdarex4 asked:
You are a great person keep doing what you're doing. XOXO

Thanks! (:

Left for 8 months..

I’ve been gone for 8 months, and even though i lost 6000+ followers, i just wanna thank all of the loyal followers i’ve had over the years. Thank you guys. <333 I’m back, so please ask me ANYTHING you want. If you wanna anon, leave a name so i can keep track of who i’m responding to. (: